DRP is proud to now offer a one piece ultralight stock for the Daewoo rifle.

Unlike the ACE stock or some others, this is one solid piece of material with sling slots and an open design resembling an HK G36 rifle.

Available in 6.5", 7.5" and 8.5" lengths. Sandblasted and lightly oiled to even out the sheen. They're available in black or can be blasted and duracoated gray to match your Daewoo for an additional 15 dollars.

This has the same 2 hole mounting bolt up interface as the ACE, HDPS and Tromix type modular stocks.

LOP (measured distance from trigger face to buttplate) with the Type 1 stock adapter block and folding mechanism installed on a DR200 is 12"(6.5" stock) 13" (7.5" stock) and 14" (8.5" stock).

For larger sizes (longer pull) see our LW-HD LAGE stock.

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  • Product Code: DRP-ULS7.5
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $65.00