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DRP has acquired 24 14.5" stainless 1:7 twist barrels and is installing them in K1 type rifles.

- Customer sends their complete upper and 600 dollars.

- We use customers undamaged barrel extension, gas block, and flash hider, gas tube.

- DRP keeps your old barrel.

- install barrel extension. Establish correct headspace.

- sets gas block and uses "tapered reamer" to make tapered holes in barrel.

- sets tapered pins and ensures POA/POI integrity with laser boresighter

- silver solder on customer's flash hider from their barrel.

- test fire and ensure function.

- sandblast and Duracoat barrel assembly in "Parker" color for matching original look finish
- return shipping included.

- no FFL required, the top end is not a "firearm".

- Your K1 will not only have heavy bullet capability but it will have a nice medium contour barrel profile underneath the existing handguards. NO MODIFICATIONS to handguards required.

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K1/AR110c/MaxI barrel swap to 1:7 twist.

  • Product Code: SMITHING-K1BBLSWP
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $600.00

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